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Dedicated Account Managers are part of the our standard offering. We take the time to truly listen to what our clients are trying to achieve. By understanding what is most important to you, we are able to provide the most appropriate printing solution.

Graphic Design

Our professional Graphic Design team has years of experience across a wide range of industries. They'll do whatever it takes to help you achieve a great result, working closely with you to identify the goal of your project and what you want to express.

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We commissioned Andrew Paglinawan, skilled typography artist and graphic designer, to create a new typeface for us and we want to share it with the world! You can download Manila Sans for free and use it wherever you want under the Open Font License for a classic-yet-contemporary geometric style.

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TPH Artwork Specs

Supplying Artwork

Within the bounds of the printing process, what you create is what you get back, so if the artwork is not perfect - the printed product can’t be either. If you have not created artwork for print before, please talk us as early as possible during the process - we have years of experience and are here to help!

Press Ready Files

Ideally, the file you provide us for printing should be a high resolution PDF with bleed and trim marks. Raster elements should be 300-350dpi, colour space should be CMYK, each job should be a single PDF file, each page/side should be single page within that PDF (no spreads).


We recommend 3mm of external bleed on all files. Bleed is an element of the artwork that extends past the trim edges. So if you want a card to be cut as 90mm x 55mm your artwork will be 96mm x 61mm so that we have a buffer when trimming and you won't end up with white edges.

Internal Buffer

The space from the trim edges to any important elements in the artwork. We recommend 3mm of internal buffer on all files (booklets need a bit more: 6mm up to 30pp, 10mm for 32pp-50pp, and 12mm for over 50pp) – that means keeping all your important information (ie. text, logos, etc) inside this area.

PDF Files

Ideally all files should be supplied as PDF. If your job is single sided you simply supply a one page PDF. If your job has 2 pages (a front and a back), then we prefer a two page PDF file. If you have a job with multiple kinds, then supply a one or two page PDF for each kind.


Colour space should be set as CMYK not RGB as RGB artwork will be converted to CMYK and this could effect your colours. No spot colours unless the job has been specifically quoted that way.


Your fonts should be embedded (full or subset). That is standard in most PDFs, but if for some reason you are supplying the ``native`` files (ie. InDesign, Illustrator, etc) then you need to include the fonts you have used so we can make any changes and create the PDF for you.

High Resolution

The raster elements (pixel-based images) you use should be high resolution for the best quality print. When creating in apps like Photoshop please set the resolution to 300-350dpi before starting your new design.

Full Colour Black

Full colour blacks (eg. 100% C, M, Y & K) use HEAPS of ink so they take AGES to dry before we can cut them! If you want a really deep black use 100% K with 30% C and 20% M.

Trim Marks

If you provide trim marks on your supplied artwork we know exactly where you want it cut. Most modern design software has the ability to include bleed as part of the document setup.


Understand that colours look differently on computer monitors than they do when printed. A hard copy from our calibrated proofing system is the only real way of seeing how the colours will look.

We Can Help

We are willing to have a look at any file you have! Send it in and we will let you know how ``press ready`` it is. If it needs work, we will let you know how much will be involved in converting or fixing it for you.

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